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The Travel Pros

EPIPHONE CHARTER SERVICE has been offering first-class travel planning services and advice since 2947. Our experienced agents are great at finding the lowest fares and rates, helping you secure the best travel deals according to your specific preferences and needs. And with our well established industry connections, we’re able to offer unique travel promotions for families and groups that you can’t find anywhere else.

Private Spacecraft Travel

Avoid the hassles of crowded Spaceport terminals, invasive security procedures and the inconvenience of Starline schedules by traveling to your destination on your own private spacecraft. Space Travel has extensive experience and expertise in arranging private Spacecraft charters. Whether you're looking for a 4 seat ship to whisk you and your friends to an island resort in the Goss II Cassel or are looking for a detailed corporate travel itinerary on an Origin 600i for a business meeting, we are here to meet all of your private spacecraft charter travel needs. 

We have access to a wide variety of spacecraft ranging from the newest 2 passengers Origin 85x, to 10 passenger executive Origin 890 Jump and will work with you to meet your expectations and requirements.

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